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Wandering Sheep Productions is an evangelistic outreach of HCJB Global NZ that seeks to engage our generation through entertaining and thought provoking content.  Its emphasis is on creating interactive and relationship based tools for sharing the Gospel and growing committed followers.
Wandering Sheep Productions studio complex is located in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.  Aptly located at 13 “Lambie” Drive, this facility allows us to produce TV programs, features, and webisodes as well as manage the social media aspects of all the projects.
Throughout the year, Wandering Sheep Productions offers  the First Fruits Internship Program, an accredited digital missions experience that offers training and field work in all facets of audio, video, and social media production, while at the same time offering a foundation in Biblical ministry that relevantly and intentionally goes after the lost sheep of today’s world.
Interns and staff discover new ways to present the love of Jesus in a modern, relevant way that is designed to take viewers through the questioning process to find meaning and hope in Jesus.

Our goal is to motivate and train the next generation of missionaries to use the digital methods and tools of the new millennium.