Wandering Sheep Productions believes that accepting Jesus is a process which begins with the recognition of the God around us, the problems in our life and His unfailing love and help to forgive us of our sins and lead us into an abundant life.

To address each of these stages of spiritual development, Wandering Sheep Productions intentionally curates content to challenge and advance our viewers toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.

For those who are at best apathetic, or even antagonistic to the Gospel, we provide gentle, thought provoking video shorts interspersed between entertaining shows.
While we realize that a major part of developing a relationship with Jesus comes through personal contact with Christians, our goal is to "plant the seeds, encourage conversations, and provide spiritual food for thought."

Through the use of Internet radio and television, we use creative videos, music and shorts to lead people on the path to knowing Jesus, asking Him to forgive them of their sins and to choose Him to be their Lord and Saviour.
Click on the picture above to view one of the videos that we play to encourage people to think about the bigger picture of life and where it came from.
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