From long-term training and internships, to short study abroad programs, Wandering Sheep Productions offers both in-house and online learning opportunities. We provide training to groups who wish to film their own events, produce their own video content, or run a radio station.

The Online Radio Training School offers members and Reach Beyond partners the ability to receive top level instruction and mentoring from highly experienced radio trainers.



We produce training videos for educational purposes. Through our Online Radio Training School (ORTS), which has hundreds of videos, we teach people how to run your own radio station. We feature training on Radio Boss and provide clear and concise videos on how to use all aspects of the software.

Online Radio Training School
One of our fun—yet beneficial—videos is below. Enjoy!



Broadcasting the Gospel in a creative and relevant way is a labour intensive job and a major undertaking for
Wandering Sheep Productions.  As Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few."

To meet this need Wandering Sheep Productions developed the First Fruits Missions Program, which has now been running since 2012. It is an accredited training and internship program that instills best practices while allowing freedom and creativity to create cutting edge materials with a gospel message.
Some of our interns from our 2012 programme:

Lots of great work from our 2013 interns:

A few of our 2014 interns recording in front of the green screen:

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